"Martin, where did all your previous posts go?"

I understand that a lot of my readers didn't register that they can actually click on the categories themselves to get all previous posts from the specific category. Therefore, I would like to demonstrate to you how this works.

...You see those red rings? That is the place you want to click if you want to see all the posts from that category.

... While here on the other hand, if you hover over the images, you will get the heading and date of the latest post inside of that category. Clicking here will only bring you the latest post in this specific category.

Okay, I get it now

The Travel Project

The travel project is a project to keep myself happy. I love to travel, and so I will. I give myself three years to visit at least six of the countries/states below, that I haven't already visited. I've marked the ones that doesn't count in red, the ones that is allowed in green, and the ones I've finished with a linethrough.

-1617 days left

- Norway

- Spain

- England

- Ghana

- Italy

- India

- France

- Russia

- China

- Thailand

- Denmark

- Canada

- Brazil

- Cape Verde

- Japan

- Mexico

- Peru

- Sweden