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6th August, 2013

They say Norway is the richest country in the world. But I’m starting to doubt it.

Money and looks are two things, but the atmosphere is thousands. I’ve discovered Barcelona for three days now, and my impressions keep growing.


I’m sitting here half past ten in the orange street lights at the hotel balcony, starring down at all the people at the local pub with a pencil in my right hand and a cigarette in my left. And I see calmness.


I see people that can sit outside a pub with no beer, no shouting, no drunkenness, just the people that they enjoy life with. And it’s actually one of the most beautiful things I’ve seen in a society before.


It makes me wonder about what makes people so different from place to place. But then I remind myself, “Norway is the richest country in the world”.


We’ve been tramping around in Barcelona to see the different artworks from Gaudí and other beautiful landmarks. It has been a great tour, and I can assure that I will come back to this beautiful place.


They even appreciate the rain here. But that makes sense with this warmth that is going on every day.

We went as a family, now we spend our time here as a family. As I take one day at the time, I will enjoy every one of them.


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