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Okay, I get it now


17th March, 2014

Back to the cottage we went. To get there is like landing on a whole new planet. A planet with only comforting sounds. Waves, birds, wind blowing beautiful leaves away from their wounded trees and your own feet hitting grass.


We went back to the cottage to see what we could do to heal it up a bit. It has stood since 1978 and it’s starting to show its wrinkles. And the last thing we want to happen, is to never be able to stay there anymore.


So we bought it a heater, and made some small changes inside the old soul. Whats interesting is that I found the old house book with a lot of old writings. Some of them were even older than me. I really love the smell of old writings.


I’ve got a surprise for you next week. I’ve been working on a new design for this site for a while now. And I will not promise anything, but I think it will be done by next week.

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