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22nd July, 2013

I’m on my way home. The fresh July air is blowing my hair sideways and Polaris the North Star is blending my eyes. The green trees and the blue sky have become best friends. Four days I stayed at the cottage I grew up with.


It was amazing to be back for a while. Just the feeling of breathing in the atmosphere and the memories was indescribable. Wish I could stay much longer, but I will go back before summer ends for sure.


The hardest part for me to be there was the fact that my grandparents weren’t there. But with the bad conditions the cottage follows with, it’s also understandable. It’s a cottage for younger souls.


I had a great time. A peaceful time. So quiet and lost. Into the woods, down by the water, far away from society, we sat. Me and my mom. In the same chairs she and my father sat in when we had to live there in the past when I was just a baby.


New adventure in three days. I’m going to Barcelona, and I’m really looking forward to it. Shooting in another country never disappoints me. I guess I’m obsessed with the feeling of being lost.

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