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Endless trip

9th September, 2013

A fly is buzzing against the window multiple times. And I’ve never really thought about it before, but it starts to makes sense to me. It sees where it wants to go, but It can’t really get there. It doesn’t know that there is an invincible wall between it and the freedom in front.


I’m still on the run, and I can’t find a place to be. But I’ve seen a lot of beautiful things on my way. Met a lot of new beautiful people. Artful people. People that knows how to make life into a piece of art. At the same time, I miss home a bit.


Currently I’m in a hotel room. Spending the night here because of something that went wrong in the last apartment. It feels like a relief, but at the same time it feels a little weird. Feels like cheating. Too simple in a way. But here I am. At least I can sleep well and safe this night.


I’ll keep trying to find some place to live further and hopefully, this endless trip will keep being as exciting as it has been till now. My apology goes out to you readers, for the fact that I have not been as active as usual lately. But if you just read the whole story, you might have a clue why.


Anyway, things are starting clear up it seems like. And I can start document my life more often again.
Here are some visions from my endless trip.

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