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Evil nights

3rd July, 2013

Three days ago I arrived at the festival I told you about in the last post. It took us four hours with the bus, and another half hour for crashing into a road sign. After having set up our tent in the camp, we passed out for a little while.


The sound, the people, the artists, the atmosphere were simply amazing. It was like the whole festival was just a bunch of friends that knew each others from the past. But in every roller-coaster, it is an end. And at that end, you realize how short the ride actually was. The whole trip actually made me think a lot after having met new people, and friends from the past. How much certain people change, and how they manage to act friendly even if they’re not.


It was really fun the three days I were there, but also very intense. I wish things went differently, I wish things didn’t go as they did. But it’s nothing I can do about the past. So be it.


The road home was like an adventure. I took the bus down to the ferry where I met a great man that guided me to the bus. But at 4am there are not a lot of buses going around. So I met two kind girls I went out with while waiting for the bus to arrive to the station. It was freezing cold, but fortunately it was a store nearby. More than that I can’t really remember, because I basically passed out the same second as I sat down in the bus.


Having that said, I have good news. Several modeling jobs are soon coming. And trust me, these girls are beautiful. Meanwhile, enjoy the summertime with peace and love.

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