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12th July, 2014

Fresh spirit. This lovely smell of dust, grass and flowers is surrounding my head. Mom, sister and I went on a trip. Back to the cottage. This time with our lovely cat.


He is enjoying his life so much here. And I get him. He’s free. No walls to bump into. The absolute freedom to eat whatever he can find in the woods. Jump any rock, climb any tree, scratch any object, smell any flower.


We got ourselves a new boat now. And I must say that it felt amazing to be able to go anywhere I want to with it. Just float away in the middle of the lake, with my most beautiful thoughts carried with me. You.


I was supposed to make this post some days ago, but with the bad internet connection, it didn’t really work out. New videos are about to release as well. One abstract, and one music-video. But I’ll keep you updated.


Beautiful things are happening.
Peace & Love.


18th May, 2014

The streets are empty. The mall is empty. The road is full of gum and spray cans. And I’m in love with this day. It’s the day after the Norwegian national day. Hanging locally at the fast-food restaurant just down the block. Having nothing to do.


Some people call it boredom. We call it freedom. Life experience. Things don’t have to be soulful and talking all the time. This way of hanging can give you knowledge, motivation, creativity. Actually this day reminded me of Kevins new song, Kaldt.

You can listen to that -here-, and if you like it, you might want to head over to -this- site and download the whole entire mixtape. BLOKK is released. I’m proud of my brother. You can also like his facebook page -here-.



Upcoming mystery

24th March, 2014

So me and my friend Kevin have been working with this dude. Talented rapper named Robert. We’ve been helping him out with a video for his new track “phases”. Met up with him some weeks ago to talk. Apparently he saw our last video and got interested.


Made me really happy to have a fan. So we met, and talked about what he had in his mind. Then we met up again yesterday to shoot the video. Here are a few shots from the shoot. I think this is going to result in a successful video. At least from what I’ve seen from the clips.


The video will be posted here when finished. Until then, as always,
Peace & Love.

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