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17th August, 2013

So I’m sitting on an airplane. But this time it’s not on a vacation. I’m all of a sudden moving. Three years from now on I will go to a school in a place called Stavanger. It is pretty much across the country from where I used to live.


Leaving everything I love wasn’t easy. My sweet friend made a farewell party for me, and other sweet friends of mine met up. Ending my last night with them was more than I could ever ask for. Tears and laughter was exchanged, and I really appreciate the fact that they were all there.


I am moving, because I want to become a gaming programmer. And the only way I can become this, is to do it the way I want to. And I don’t want to go to a school nearby my home. I want to go to a school far away from home, all by myself. The school I’m going to are also one of the best one can go to when it comes to my dream.


All in all, it’s not like I won’t visit my hometown. I will go home for the first time during christmas, and I’m looking forward to that moment already. But first of I have to explore my new hometown. Get my own place and find the comfort.


I will also take you dear readers with me at my upcoming adventures. But for now, I think this is all I’ve got to say.


Take care people,
Long live peace & love.

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