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20th October, 2013

My stomach is impatiently  rumbling and punishing me for what I did to it last night. My head is still in the same place as it has been for several months now. I’m no longer focused. It just feels like something is going wrong. Really wrong. Something is not right.


The motivation I had for not too long ago, seems to disappear. So I had to move from that last place because staying there was like repeating the childhood all over again. Then I lived in a hotel for one night. But then my dear mother and sister came and helped me.


Now I live at this really nice place. But it’s not really where I live anymore that bothers me. What bothers me is that I’ve got myself a new soulmate. And I think his name is anxiety. It feels just like it at least, from what I experienced when I smoked cannabis a long time ago.


Also I visited Oslo a week ago, and let me tell you; I’ve never in my entire life felt something so odd float inside my body before. It was like I lived in a world of memories. As if I was a year back in time. It made me really nervous to be honest.


Well, it was of course really nice to see my friends again, but it was like they weren’t there. Like I was a ghost living in the past. I even forgot my camera charger, so all I managed to shoot was a few pictures of my friend Kevin. I’ll come back to him later in this post.


Now all I really focus on is my indie-game. I’ve started the code-language studying. And at this point, I feel like I can start reading the more advanced parts of the language. I have the whole game inside my head, and if I could just snap my fingers and publish it, I would.


Unfortunately, the process is much harder than so. I guess it is a little similar to how life works. You need to learn how to communicate with yourself before you know how your brain works. And then when you know how it works, you can make whatever you want out of yourself.


I’d love to make new posts all the time, but I feel like if I have to schedule my posts, this site won’t be honest anymore. I must only give them out when I really feel like I have something to tell. Honesty is what hits you the most, right.


Thank you for reading this, really. It proves that you’re a real reader. And I love my readers.

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