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The letter

26th June, 2014

The third Underdog Original video-production is under construction. And it’s starting to get really interesting. This one is for a norwegian movie called “Brev til kongen”, kind of like a promoting video before it lands on dvd platforms.


What’s cool about it, is that the two rappers in the song actually made a track called the same as the movie at the very same time, without even knowing it, and won a norwegian award called ‘rapvalg 2013′.


Eventually, the two came in contact with the director of the movie, and figured they wanted to make a music-video containing clips of the rappers (Fela & Chino aka. Degos), and clips from the actual movie. That’s when Underdog Original came wandering into the story.


So the filming part is over. Now the only thing left is to put it all together. The clips from the director are received, and I’ve seen the movie as well. I must say it was a good one, with a truthful message within.


What is Underdog Original? You can read about it here.


19th June, 2014

With wonderful music, soda,  good atmosphere and freedom of speech we sat. At a park in Oslo. Discussing plans for the future. We can proudly raise a toast and welcome Sara to the family of Underdog Original.


We´ll make some great memories together, and expect to see your face here a lot! Sara is a creative-minded hippie with a golden eye for photography, filmography and hands made for writing. You  folks should be really excited to see what this girl can put together.


All of a sudden Kevin came wandering into the park with his new shirt he had just bought. The whole crew was collected. It felt good to finally sit all together in such a nice setting.


Dear Sara, welcome as our third and last missing part of the company. Looking forward to work with you.

Nerves from hell

8th May, 2014

_MG_8403Yesterday was a rough day. The mixtape Kevin has been working on for the three past months now was ready to be listened to by a well known rapper in Norway. We woke up, met up in Oslo, drank some coffee at Fridays and waited to go.


Before I managed to drink up, the clock was suddenly 15 minutes away from showtime. That was when the nerves broke into our souls. I didn’t even create the masterpiece, but I felt it. I think it has something to do with the process.


I’ve been there during the whole birth of “BLOKK”. And I must say, I’m extraordinary proud of what he has managed to create. It’s an 5 track mixtape with a really beautiful story to tell. About his childhood where he grew up, all the things he saw and all the way to the point he is today.

_MG_8401 _MG_8400 _MG_8398 _MG_8423 _MG_8428 _MG_8433 _MG_8438

The meeting turned out ok, and we were laying some plans for the future. We even planned out a new music-video they wanted me to make for them. I’m excited.

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