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Sunrise traveller

25th August, 2013

The reflection of my moist lips is showing in the window beside me. I’m on a train, on my way to nowhere. A week has passed since I arrived here, and already I have seen a lot of things I appreciate.


The beautiful land, the big mountains and the lovely people here are enough for me to feel in comfort. It has been days when I really miss home, but then I keep reminding myself that they are still there. But I guess that feeling is normal.


I love to travel, and I love to talk with new people. And as I just arrived, there have been a lot of it already. The only issue is that the woman I was going to live with raised the price, the same moment I was moving in. She told me that if I couldn’t afford it, she would throw me out. She did.


Meanwhile, I guess I’ll have to tramp around until I find somewhere else to live. Next week I’ve got something exclusive to do. Something I’ve always wanted to do. You’ll see what I mean when the day comes.


My train is about to take off. A little hump before I hear the steel wheels scream from beneath the train. A man outside the window is smiling at me, with his hands full of empty bottles. He raises his hand up to his forehead, and then swings it out like a man from the army. I make the same move and smile back.


Now as the train is going on, I’ll lean back and enjoy the beautiful view.
And I’ll speak to you people later.

Peace & Love.

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  1. Swug

    There is missing something, like swug add more swug to the pics ;)

  2. Ellen

    Du er helt fantastisk flink Martin!

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