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The dropout day

28th October, 2013

It’s 04:45 am. The heavy rain is comforting my ears as I hit the paper with my pencil. In two hours I’m supposed to wake up, get a hot shower, eat my breakfast, get off to school, sit still on my chair and isolate my own creativity for six hours as it slowly shrinks. But today I won’t.


Today is different. I will do all of these things, except that today, I will make a dramatic change with my own life. Today I will walk into the principal’s office and tell him that its time. Its time for me to quit school for good.


This is my third year of going to school in the first semester, while trying to get something out of it. But I’ve told myself now, that this is not the right thing for me to do.


I’m done with wasting my life. I’ve had enough. Enough of depressions, enough of trying to make something out of myself that I’m not. School works out for those who want an education. I don’t want an education. I want to follow my own dream. Go my own way. Become independent.


And I am aware of the risk of failing in this tremendous change. I am aware that it’ll come days what I will cry to my friends and family how much I want to give it all up. That this was a stupid idea. This was a horrible idea that made me into a zero. Deep dark days will come where the only thing I want to do is to die.


But then after a while, I will remember this day and tell myself to get up and run again. I will remember all the days I used to daydream about my deepest wishes, the days I were lying on my back in the wild fields with my arms crossed behind my head smiling widely to Polaris while letting my thoughts rush around my head.


This post is not made to demand other people to quit school. I’m not quitting school to be a young rebel. I’m quitting school because I have my dream in my very own hands, and I know how to open them. And the educational program is not the proper way for me to get there.


Of course this post is going to scare a lot of people. That is a fact I am also aware of. But I guess the only thing for me to do is to go for it one hundred percent. I can’t go to school for everyone else’s sake. As I said, I know the risks of this, but that are risks I am more than willing to take.


I might be young, and you might call it a dumb decision. But that is for me to prove wrong. I have belief in that all those days I used to convince myself how much I wanted to break free from this life, they couldn’t have been for nothing. They were there to make me happy. To make me believe in myself fully.


The 29.October, 2013 was the day I broke into the world I’ve always wanted to be a part of. The world of independence and faith. A new adventure begins. I’m officially reaching for my dream directly. And I’m not going to look back for a second, unless it is to remind myself of the fine days.


Peace & Love.


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  1. Elise


  2. Elise

    <3 Jeg er her for deg Martin :)

  3. Lucas

    Helt sikker på at du kommer til å klare deg bedre enn bra uansett hvilket valg du tar og hvor du ender opp:) gjør det som er riktig for deg

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