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Umbraco day

21st June, 2013

Today is a big day for me. It is incredible to keep in mind that 6 months ago, I started the project I finished tonight. It all started with the end of my motivation. It was like I were stuck in a place were I couldn’t move. My eyes did not see the special things in life anymore. It hurt a little. But as the time went I understood what I had to do to make my motivation grow again. I simply had to start over, with a new look, all by myself. It has been a very long process and extremely many long nights, but it’s starting to feel worth it. And I am glad I took this choice.

The thought of having the site to look exactly like I want it to now is superb. I was so nervous to publish the site that I called my good-looking friend Kevin to take a walk. We went out in the woods where he told me over and over that everything will be fine. Something I really needed after a half year of hard work.

With having that said, I hope that this site will please you all as much as I aimed for.

The adventure starts from here.

Peace & love my dear readers

-sincerely Martin Fjeld.

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  1. China mama

    Æææææ martini!!

  2. Michell

    Du tar utrolig bra bilder!! Keep it up

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